Irrigation system

Water-Ways Irrigation

We have been setting the performance standard for complete liquid handling solutions in the Southern San Joaquin Valley since 1950.

Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers, Inc. is a Full Service Irrigation Systems Design and Engineering Company. Our company is dedicated to providing comprehensive agricultural and industrial irrigation solutions.

At Water-Ways every product and solution we offer is specifically designed to provide maximum value for you. That’s because we’ve spent the last 60 years shaping our business to deliver the most complete and competitively priced irrigation systems, equipment, and accessories available to save you time and money.

We offer completely project-tailored design and installation of industrial irrigation and agricultural irrigation systems, as well as sales and rentals of all components, including  Pipe, Fittings, and Pumps to complete and maintain your irrigation system. We also offer a full rental fleet of  Frac tanks, J Stands, and Pipe Trailers.

Whether you need assistance in designing and installing agricultural irrigation systems that conserve resources and improve crops yeilds; Designing effective and cost reducing fresh water and flush systems, and tailwater return lines for dairies; or Providing fire suppression, dust control, and sewer bypass for industrial sites…

 You’re in the right place.