Aluminum Fittings

We carry aluminum fittings from Hastings Irrigation, Gheen Irrigation, and Travis Pattern and Foundry. We offer  top quality aluminum fittings at the most competitive prices.


Aluminum fittings are available in 6″- 12″ diameters


Long lasting


Available in sch40

Aluminum Lateral Fittings , Latch Type

Lateral Coupler Set
Lateral Coupler
Band and Latch
Weld on Latch Pad
End Plug
90 Degree Elbow
45 Degree Elbow
Line Tee
End Tee Set
Reducer Bushing

Aluminum Lateral Fittings, No Latch Type

Lateral Coupler- No latch Type
No Latch Band
No Latch End Plug
No Latch 90 degree elbow
No Latch Line Tee
No Latch End Tee
No Latch Adapter

Aluminum Lateral Fittings, Drag line

Drag line Lateral Coupler Set
Drag line Lateral Coupler
Drag line Half Band
Drag line Double Female Coupler
Drag line Pulling Adaptor
Drag line Female End plug

Aluminum Mainline Fittings, Latch Type

Mainline Coupler Set
Mainline Coupler
Band and Latch
Heavy Band and Latch
Weld on Latch Pad
Heavy Male End
End Plug
Heavy End Plug
90 Degree Elbow
45 Degree Elbow
Line Tee
End Tee

Aluminum Mainline Fittings, Ringlock Type

Ringlock Coupler Set
Ringlock Female Coupler Set
Ringlock Male End
Ringlock Clamp
Ringlock 45 Degree Angle
Ringlock 90 Degree Angle
Ringlock Line Tee
Ronglock End Tee

Aluminum Industrial Grooved Fittings

Grooved Adapter Plain End
Grooved Tee 
Grooved 90 Elbow
Grooved Adapters
Grooved Adapters End Plug
Industrial Grooved Bolts and Nut
Grooved Gaskets

Aluminum Fabrication Fittings

Concentric Reducing Cones
Eccentric Reducing Cone
Weld-On 90 Degree Elbow
Weld-On 45 Degree Elbow
Weld-On Tee
Weld-On Male End
Weld-On Disc
Weld-On Dome

Aluminum Gated Pipe Accessories

Aluminum Gated coupling System
Aluminum Gated End Cap
Aluminum Gated Spacer Joint
Aluminum Gated Elbow 90 Degree Angle
Aluminum Gated End Tee
Aluminum Gated Line Tee
Aluminum Gated Mainline Tee
Gated Male End Repair
Gated Female End Repair
Expanded Female Repair End
Open Type Hydrant Gaskets
Make a Clamp
FCR Gate
FCR Gate parts
Gated Pipe Sock
Gated Pipe Sock Parts


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