California’s Paying Farmers to Help Reverse Climate Change

Through the cap-and-trade program, California is paying farmers to suck carbon dioxide out of the air with the best machine for the job…PLANTS!!! The theory is that compost and cover crops will pull carbon from the air into the soil. Oklahoma has been putting this theory to practice since 2001, but on a much smaller scale than the Healthy Soils Initiative (HSI) here in California. HSI makes the money available to farmers to purchase the compost and cover crops, such as clover. They also make sure those goods are delivered and used as the program has intended. By adding compost and planting clover in almond orchards, the water holding capacity should increase. The clover flowers will feed the bees after the almond bloom, and should suck Carbon from the air. So it’s a win-win for everyone. The HSI hasn’t seen any results yet, but it does take compost about 3 years to break down, so it may take awhile to see results.

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