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Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers are located at 20935 Stockdale Hwy in Bakersfield, California. Since 1950 Water-Ways has been a big part of the pulse of irrigation in Bakersfield,The Central Valley,throughout California,and also shipping water related products across the United States and Worldwide.The retail store stocks and carries products from many vendor partners that are considered the best of the best in the water industry.

Some of the vendors are: Nelson, Pioneer Pump, Netafim USA, Jain Irrigation Systems, Waterman Industries, McCrometer, Victaulic, T-L Pivot Irrigation, Lakos, and Railbird. Water-Ways also has designed, engineered, and fabricated their own portable water loading stand called the “J Stand”, shipped all over the world this product is great for dust control and pre-wet for construction or solar sites, great for farmers and ranchers in many practical uses to fave time and money, the J Stand is a must have for any small or large company.

Water-Ways is a full service fluid handling solutions provider for Industrial and Agricultural customers. Dewatering, Self-Priming pumps up to 10,000 GPM, Submersible electric pumps, Non-Self priming centrifugal pumps, Industrial groove weld-on fittings (Aluminum, Steel, PVC) Victaulic, Full fabrication available, Custom Installations, Frac Tanks, 21,000 Gal/500 BBL, Portable Water Towers 10,000 Gal, Customized Road Crossings, Spill Guards, Well Points.

Aluminum Sprinkler pipe, Ring Lock, Main Line (rent, buy sell) Hydrant Adapters, Custom Under-Ground Installations, Drip System Design and Installation Services, Sand Media Filter Systems, Spin Clean Filter Systems, Pipe Trailers, Victaulic Pipe and Fittings, Galvanized Steel Parts, Dairy Valves, Tanks and Towers, Portable Sprinkler Gun Carts, Flow Meters (flanged, space saver, grooved, fire hydrant & smooth-end)

Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers provide many more products and services, to find out more call a Water-Ways team member at: (661) 589.8800, or fax: (661) 589.0855, visit our website: www.water-waysirrig.com , or email: Kevin@water-waysirrig.com for more info on services or products. For All The Ways You Use Water…Think Water-Ways of Bakersfield, California – Since 1950!


Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers - 20935 Stockdale Hwy

Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers – 20935 Stockdale Hwy

Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers are available 24 hours a day for Emergency Pumping Services.  Diesel mounted Booster pumps,  Vacuum pumps,  Self priming pumps,  any job, big or small.  Water-Ways is the one you call for all of your water-related needs.

Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers of Bakersfield in Kern County is your “Go To” company for PVC Pipeline

Victaulic Aluminum Pipeline Installation by Water-Ways

Manifold design customization

Here we have a Customized Manifold that has been Designed with the Customer’s Exact Specifications.  It is a Three Port Discharge with One Inlet for discharge.  Water-Ways has Irrigation solutions for every type of project we have taken on. Our Engineers are Masters of  Designing and Customizing and have been since 1950!

Customized Manifold

low profile Road crossings

Low Profile Road Crossings

Water-Ways is constantly innovating with new products!

best irrigation company

Best Irrigation Company in Bakersfield California

Water-Ways Irrigation has been a leader in the Water and Irrigation industry. Since 1950, our customers in the Construction, Municipal, Agriculture, and Oilfield industries have all gone to Water-Ways for their water solutions. Jeff Tkac and his team of professionals are in the field everyday providing expertise on how to save time and money for their clients with innovative water solutions.

Water-Ways Irrigation is the company that the construction and building industry in and around Bakersfield, and throughout California use and rely on for all their construction pre-wet and total water and irrigation needs. Agriculture and construction cross paths and Water-Ways and it’s Owner and President Jeff Tkac is the guy to call for all your water solutions. Real Estate, Agriculture, and the Oil industry is booming in Bakersfield and Kern County, Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers are at the pulse of all the action pertaining to water. Give them a call at: 661.589.8800