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Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers are available 24 hours a day for Emergency Pumping Services.  Diesel mounted Booster pumps,  Vacuum pumps,  Self priming pumps,  any job, big or small.  Water-Ways is the one you call for all of your water-related needs.

Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers of Bakersfield in Kern County is your “Go To” company for PVC Pipeline

Victaulic Aluminum Pipeline Installation by Water-Ways

Manifold design customization

Here we have a Customized Manifold that has been Designed with the Customer’s Exact Specifications.  It is a Three Port Discharge with One Inlet for discharge.  Water-Ways has Irrigation solutions for every type of project we have taken on. Our Engineers are Masters of  Designing and Customizing and have been since 1950!

Customized Manifold

low profile Road crossings

Low Profile Road Crossings

Water-Ways is constantly innovating with new products!

best irrigation company

Best Irrigation Company in Bakersfield California

Water-Ways Irrigation has been a leader in the Water and Irrigation industry. Since 1950, our customers in the Construction, Municipal, Agriculture, and Oilfield industries have all gone to Water-Ways for their water solutions. Jeff Tkac and his team of professionals are in the field everyday providing expertise on how to save time and money for their clients with innovative water solutions.

construction pre-wet

Water-Ways Construction Pre-Wet

Agriculture and construction cross paths in Kern County, and Water-Ways has crossed over the boundaries with Agriculture and construction. Water-Ways has irrigation solutions for every type of project.

Alum sprinkler pipe

Grape Vineyard Drip Irrigation Experts

Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers is the best company for Grape Vineyard Drip Irrigation Systems in Bakersfield, Delano, Kern County, Tulare County, and the entire San Joaquin Valley of California. Jeff Tkac and his team will design, engineer, and build a drip irrigation system that will save precious water and put more money in the farmers pocket. Table grapes are one of leading export commodities from California, and some of the growers and exporters are : Giumarra Vineyards, Jakov Dulcich and Sons, V.B.Z. Vineyards, Hronis and Sons, M. Caratan, Jasmine Vineyards, Delano Farms, Anthony Vineyards, Tudor Vineyards, Sunview Vineyards.

Many companies are utilizing the expertise of Water-Ways Irrigation Engineers of Bakersfield, California. Table grape growers since 1950 have been using Water-Ways for their water solutions, whether it be aluminum or corrugated pipe, PVC, or the latest technology in drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation is the most efficient method of irrigation because it delivers low pressure water precisely at the root zone. Drip irrigation is proven to nearly double yields and significantly reduce costs. Most farmers know this, but see the initial investment as just too much of barrier to adopt a new, highly efficient Drip system.

Water-Ways are the experts in design and installation of drip irrigation systems that improve yields and reduce costs.