Center Pivots



Center pivots move in a circular pattern. Sprinklers can be mounted on top of the spans, however most center pivot systems now have sprinkler heads that are positioned on drop tubes a few feet above the crop. T-L’s center pivots are specifically designed for low-speed, high torques applications, they operate equally well in either direction. Their planetary gear drive operates at nearly 90% efficiency. They get the power to the ground with a minimum of wasted energy.

T-L Irrigation’s center pivots use an exclusive hydrostatic drive that is more, and more frequently replacing electrically driven systems because it provides superior results.

  • Continuous machine movement means high uniformity than with other center pivots
  • Fewer exposed parts provide security in knowing you’ll have years of trouble-free service
  • Center pivots are available in low pressure or high pressure
  • Improved traction reduces the chances for getting stuck
  • Constant-pressure-variable volume hydraulic pump ensures full torque at any speed
  • Center pivots have the lowest labor requirements of all sprinkler irrigation systems
  • Drop tubes a few feet above the crop reduce evaporation lossCorner Attachments

Put More of Your Land into Production with a Corner Irrigation System

T-L corner arms maintain continuous movement utilizing T-L’s patented hydraulic alignment controls. Corner span drives are hydraulic planetary design that are direct coupled to the hydraulic motors resulting in a narrow corner span profile reducing crop loss.

  • Put more of your land into production
  • Irrigate most of the corner areas missed by a conventional center pivot system
  • Makes sense with high-value crops, expensive land, or scarcity of irrigable land

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