Drip Irrigation: The Most Efficient
Method of Irrigation

Drip Irrigation is proven to nearly double yields and reduce costs. Most growers know this, but think the initial investment required for a drip Systems is  too high. Most farmers, like yourself, decide to wait on installing a drip system; wait until next year, wait for the right time, or wait for cash flow to improve, but there is a real cost to waiting. 

How Much Money Are You Losing?

Every year that you wait to install a drip irrigation system you are:

  • Spending more on production costs  than growers who have drip irrigation
  • Earning less revenue than growers who have drip irrigation

In a drip system low pressure water is targeted only at the root zone where it is needed. This slow, drip by drip application allows water to soak into the soil before it can evaporate or run off. This efficiency alone can save growers 23% on water costs. Drip irrigation also provides uniform and precise application of nutrients and chemicals; producing healthier crops that mature faster. With drip Irrigation growers save 10 – 20% on fertilizer and chemicals. When switching from a sprinkler system, drip irrigation can reduce labor and culture costs by 50%. In addition to the potential cost savings, studies show crops grown with drip irrigation are generally much healthier, larger, and produce more.  Growers see a 10 – 20% increase in yield and a 10% increase in revenue per unit.

An Acre for Acre Comparison

Consider this example of grapes growing on 350 acres of sprinkler irrigated land in Central California:














This typical example shows a net cost savings of $228 per acre and a revenue increase of $768 per acre.
For these 350 acres of grapes potential savings and revenue is $996 per acre.

The Real Cost of Waiting to Install Drip Irrigation

At first glance the investment required to convert to drip irrigation looks high, but consider the potential savings and increased revenue after just one year. The real cost of waiting t oinstall drip irrigation  is $79,649.5 more spent on production and $348,449.50 in missed revenues. With an initial investment of approximately $1,700 per acre, the pay back period is estimated at 1.32 years, with an estimated 109.70 additional acres that could be irrigated.

What is Your Farm’s Potential?

Tell us a few simple facts about your farm’s operations. We can prepare a personalized report that shows the financial benefits of installing drip irrigation on your farm. We are the experts in designing, engineering, and installing drip and micro irrigation systems. We are your local dealer for the top products in the industry; the only place where you can get internationally recognized brands with hometown customer service.

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This is an example heavily adapted from Drip Wizard estimation tool under typical growing conditions using government sources of data and multiple assumptions (see sources)  for a personalized report we encourage you to contact a Water-Ways representative.