Piping Water for Fracking

Industrial – Water Transfer for Fracking/Drilling

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Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a method of extracting natural gas and/or oil by drilling a hole as deep as a mile, then using explosives to fracture rock so that water and other chemicals can be pumped into the shale so that the gas is released. Fracking has proven to be an effective method of removing natural gas from areas that would’ve been impossible to extract it from only a few decades ago. Of course, in order for this type of drilling to be successful, millions of gallons of water are required. In areas where water is not readily available, industries require water to be piped in from long distances.


Piping water for fracking is one of the key elements to successfully extracting natural gas and can often be a difficult process in and of itself. Because of this, drilling companies rely on the industrial professionals at Water-Ways to provide them with the water that they need, no matter where they happen to be working. It is simply not enough to truck in water. The water must be readily available in enormous quantities in order for hydraulic fracturing to be successful and efficient.

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