HDPE Fittings

HDPE FIttings

Water-Ways carries Hancor and Jain Irrigation HDPE fittings.

HDPE Fitings are available in ½”- 63″ diameters


  • Zero leak rate, high performance, and long life expectancy
  • HDPE Fittings are chemical & corrosion resistant
  • Flexibility reduces the number of fittings typically required


HDPE Fittings
Street Tee
Reducing Tee
Special Reinforced Tee
Special Reinforced Reducing Tee
Manifold Tee
O-ring Sealed Manifold Tee
Transition Tee
90 Degree Elbow
45 Degree Elbow
Reducing Cross
Special Reinforced Coupling
Reducing Coupling
Female Adapter
Reducing Female Adapter
Male Adapter
Reducing Male Adapter
Special Reinforced
End Cap
End Plug

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