J-Stands: Portable Water Loading Stand

J-Stands: Portable Water Loading Stand

Our customizable, J-Stand is a portable water loading stand that fills water trucks and tanks with ease by providing the convenience of a drive through filling station. Our J-Stands are made from heavy aluminum, making it heavy enough for durability, yet light enough for portability.


  • Smart design is what gives the J-Stand the ability to independently support high pressure water flow while loading water into tall trucks and tanks.
  • Inverted J shape fills the base with water first for increased stability and safety.
  • Can easily be transported to any site, and quickly assembled by one man.
  • Quick turnaround and delivery times nationwide on custom J-Stands.

Specs and size Options:

Height = 11′ to bottom of spout

Base = 7′ x 7′

Outlet Spout = 7′ from riser

  • 4″ = 100 lbs.
  • 6″ = 200 lbs.
  • 8″ = 250 lbs.


Water Ways Irrigation Engineers, Inc.

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