Drip Tape & Tubing by Bowsmith

Drip Tape & Tubing by Bowsmith

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Big Foot Drip TapeDrip Tape


Bigfoot Drip Tape is available in 0.625- 1.195 diameters
Up to 1000 ft coil length


  • Reduced clogging with the biggest turbulent flow path, or footprint, of any drip tape product.
  • Slit outlets help prevent root intrusion.
  • Enhanced turbulent flow path for better emission uniformity.
  • Save on water and fertilizer costs with Bigfoot Drip Tape.
  • Low inlet pressure requirements save on energy costs.
  • Reliable performance for increased yields.
  • Unique “speed bump” along the flow path creates increased, 3–dimensional turbulence to help prevent sediment build-up.


Emitter Model/NominalFlow Rate: Medium /0.21 GPH @ 8 PSI
Wall Thickness: 6 mil or 8 mil
Maximum Operating Pressure: 10 PSI and 12 PSI
Inside Diameter(Specify: 5/8″
Dripper Spacing,in. 8, 12, 16, 20, 24
Flow: GPM/100’@ 8 PSI: 0.53, 0.35, 0.26, 0.21, 0.18

Premium Plus ™Tubing


Premium Plus Tubing is available in 0.625- 1.195 diameters
Up to 1000