Industrial Irrigation – Equipment Rental

From agricultural uses to mining applications, industrial irrigation is an essential part of many businesses. Companies that need equipment related to industrial irrigation can rent most, if not everything, that they need easily and affordably. From pumps to pipe and even tank rentals, Water-Ways has a host of products available to help just about any business take care of their irrigation needs. There are a number of benefits that come from renting equipment rather than purchasing it out right, them most obvious being that it can be much more affordable.

Rented equipment is also in excellent condition since it is well-maintained and ready to use as soon as a company needs it. This means that mining operations, construction projects, and even agricultural companies can get exactly the materials and equipment that they need as soon as they need it for a lot less than they would spend if they decide to purchase the equipment out right. If a company, on the other hand, decides that renting is not the best option for them and would prefer instead to purchase the equipment that they need, Water-Ways offers sales of pipe and fittings and other equipment as well.

We believe the key to getting the best deal possible when renting equipment for industrial irrigation is to first get a quote. A simple phone call to one of our industrial irrigation experts is

really all that it takes in order to find out exactly how much it will cost to rent all of the equipment necessary for a variety of different industrial irrigation applications. No matter what type of project a company is undertaking or what their particular needs happen to be, everything that is necessary to handle each element of industrial irrigation is available to ensure the project runs smoothly, efficiently, and affordably from the outset.

We offer competitive and discounted rates on short term and long term rentals

Because cutting costs and keeping an eye on the bottom line are more crucial now than ever before, it pays for a company to spend a little time considering where they are renting their equipment from. We understand the need to find the lowest price on rentals and equipment, but we also know the importance of choosing a reputable company, with the knowledge and experience. This is especially true when it comes to industrial irrigation since costs can vary quite a bit from one company to the next. With Water-Ways you can be sure you’re working with the best in the industry and getting the most competitive prices available on the equipment that you, your company, and your project need.

Sprinkler Pipe Rentals

sprinklere rentals







Water-Ways carries a variety of Sprinkler Pipe, Laterals, Hook & Latch, Mainline, Industrial Grooved, and More!

Give us a call to see what we have available 1(888) 887-PIPE

Pipe Rentals

Aluminum Mainline Pipe







Rent Aluminum Pipe, Steel Pipe, PVC Pipe, or victaulic pipe. We carry a variety of sizes and lengths of Victaulic Pipe as well as their Fittings.

Water Tank Rentals

water tanksIndustrial irrigationPortable Water Tank









Can provide the quick and easy source of dependable water supply for your remote project locations.

We carry Frac Tanks for long of short-term fluid storage requirements. We also offer Frac Tank Rentals with capacities of 21,000 gallons, 10,000 gallons as well as smaller steel and polyethylene tanks.

  • Vapor tight tanks for environmentally sensitive liquid
  • smooth walls for easy clean out
  • OSHA compliant walkways and stairs
  • Full-sized man-ways conveniently located for all applications
  • Fully portable for easy maneuverability
  • Our rental rates vary from hourly rates for short term rentals to reduced rates for long term agreements

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