Wet Prime, Self Priming Pumps

Wet Prime, Self Priming Pumps by Pioneer pumps are designed for reliable solids and clear liquids handling. After initial priming, they continue to reprime automatically. The next-generation Elite Series self priming pump offers superior performance, increased reliability and reduced maintenance.  All are available in a variety of different materials.


1.5”–10”, 40–250mm


  • Rely on the best materials. Standard heavy-wall ductile iron volute and 17-4 PH stainless steel shaft for durability and peace of mind.
  • Get peak performance. A simple external shimless impeller adjustment means the user can easily adjust the tolerance between the impeller and wearplate.
  • Trust our seals. Cartridge type tungsten vs. silicon carbide mechanical seal makes for ease of maintenance and simple installation.
  • Head: 200+ feet, 60m
  • Flow: 20–3,500 GPM, 4–795m3/hr

Elite Series Exclusive Features:

  • Improved seal life. An optional external mechanical seal flush is available for improved seal life.
  • Protected bearings. Rotating assembly utilizes a double lip seal with atmospheric drain for additional bearing protection.
  • Easy view of oil levels. Two sight glasses make it easy to see the bearing and oil levels.

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