Sound Attenuated Engine Driven Pump

Sound Attenuated Engine Driven Pump packages offer quiet, reliable, high performance pump operation with noise levels that exceed industry standards. We carry Pioneer Pumps Sound Attenuated Engine Driven Pump. This pump package is offered for both the Pioneer Prime Dry Prime Series and Self Priming Wet Prime Series. Packages are modular in design offering full containment, 24 hour operation, programmable control panels and can be skid mounted or D.O.T. trailer mounted configurations.

Sound Attenuated Engine Driven Pump:  Competitive Hourly Rates for Short Term Rentals Reduced Rates for Long Term Rentals


  • Acheive better performance. Large impeller eye areas with lower NPSHr characteristics allow for higher suction lift capability.
  • Use less energy. Optimized package design matches the vacuum prime assist pumps with engines to use less horsepower and achieve higher performance.
  • Get a rental-ready package. Robust skid with large integral fuel tank allows for extended run time.
  • Enjoy quiet operation. Sound-attenuated packages available.
  • Increase flexibility. Modular pumpset designs make it fast and easy to convert from trailer to skid.

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