Sprinkler Pipe for sale. Exceptional deal.

Our used yelomine pipe is in excellent condition. We offer low prices and fast delivery nationwide. Buying or renting  used pipe is a great alternative to new pipe. The low cost and great quality of our pipe makes it an excellent value for your farm. Yelomine Pipe is durable, light weight, and ideal for a many crops.

  • Celery
  • Strawberries
  • Lettuce
  • Onions
  • Artichokes

 We have 10,000+  joints of 3″ X 30′  yelomine pipe.  This pipe includes press in aluminum couplers.

3 x 30 Yelomine sprinkler pipe

 We have 6,000+  joints of 3″ X 30′ yelomine pipe.  This pipe includes press in steel couplers.

3 x 30 Yelomine sprinkler pipe

Our Yelomine Pipe is interchangeable with your 3″x 30″ aluminum pipe. Shown below.

3" x 30' yelomine sprinkler pipe

Pipe includes 24″ Risers.

3 x 30 Yelomine sprinkler pipe

Quality Guarantee.

Water-Ways Irrigation are experts in buying, selling and renting used pipe. We built our inventory by hand picking our used pipe to ensure that it is in great condition. Our customers buy or rent our used pipe with confidence that its cost effective and guaranteed to last. If you  need a different type of pipe call us now. We have all types and sizes of new and used pipe for sale or rent. We also carry all types of fittings to suit your needs.

Purchase used yelomine pipe while supply lasts!

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Yelomine Sprinkler Pipe