Underground PVC Tail Water Return Line

An underground PVC  tailwater return line is ideal for use in Dairies because the high cost of water demands complete conservation of water resource. Occasional hard soil and excessive run off water requires a tailwater return line that collects run off water and pumps it back to the head water reservoir for reuse. Underground PVC tailwater return lines help conserve water and dispose of effluent water responsibly, saving you money.

Why install an underground PVC  tailwater return line?

  • Turn unclean, water waste into nutrient rich fertilizer for feed crop
  • Conserve water with a resourceful run off water return system
  • Responsibly and economically dispose of water-waste
  • Reduce operating expenses by growing, irrigating, and fertilizing your own feed crop
  • PVC return systems are long lasting, chemical and corrosion resistant, ideal for the long haul

We install all components of underground PVC tailwater return lines:

  • Submersible pumps that work from inside the reservoir and create appropriate lift and water pressure to transport water through the irrigation system.
  • Flow Meters for measurement of both freshwater and manure water to ensure proper mixing of water and nutrients from several sources.
  • Filtration systems that significantly reduce the occurrence of plugging of emitters
  • PVC Pipe and Fittings
  • CertaLok Yelomine Pipe and Fittings
  • Sprinkler Systems from T-L Irrigation designed for uniformity and nutrient application
    Furrow and border irrigation systems that reduce odor and air pollution

We help dairies of all sizes conserve water and keep costs down with underground PVC tailwater return lines.